Superb Sunday


Ever had a weekend so good you wish you could re-live it over and over that didn’t include a vacation? I adore my weekends, but this one was satisfying in every way.

I was surprised with a “staycation” downtown and enjoyed a few treasures the city had to offer. One was a brunchy Sunday that started at Spring Mill Bakery on Capitol Hill. I’ve passed this bakery several times, but never stopped in. I had the BEST very berry muffin, and I’m not even a muffin person (try it!) The weather was also perfect. Not too cold, not too warm. The epitome of a fall day.

I also got to break in an outfit I purchased at Kmart while going for a toilet paper run. It’s a two piece black top and skirt that is just as comfy as it is stylish. Check out a similar skirt here

Why can’t we rewind days??

xoxo Kim.

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The Chip Files


Painting my nails is a womanly privilege that I quite enjoy. I paint my nails often and I always notice after ONE day of living that my nails are instantly chipped. One dish, one itchy body part or even a keyring emergency ruins all my hard work. I’ve tried everything but gel manicures to avoid chipping but not much as worked. Here is my recent formula to minimize chipping.

1. Sally Hansen Vita Surge Strengthening Gel – I can honestly say, part of the reason my nail polish chips is because I have splitting nails underneath. I still haven’t identified what causes this outside of bringing more fiber and biotin in my diet, but I’m hoping this gel helps to minimize that.

2. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Smooth and Strong Base Coat – Before embarking on this chipping journey, a good friend of mine told me that my nails chipped because I didn’t use base coat. Actually, a couple of sources told me that. So I started using it. It’s adding an extra day to my mani, but I’m still seeing chips.

3. Nail Color – The color pictured here I can’t find to save my life! It’s not listed on the Revlon site, but it’s a gorgeous emerald green color. I apply two coats of my favorite polish and I’m not shy! And wait about an hour for it to dry just to minimize smudges. The color shown below is Sally Hansen (Clearly, I love the brand) in Stocking Nude.

4. Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat –  I then apply a heavy layer of topcoat to seal the deal.

I’ve been using this system for a couple of weeks and it has made a slight difference but I”m open to all suggestions on how to not have my nails chip! Help!


xoxo Kim.



Another day, another monthly box subscription. This time it’s with Ipsy, a monthly beauty box that is only $10! I’m a beauty junkie, and the type of person that doesn’t know if I need something until I have it. I’ve was put on a wait list for this bag, and now I’m super excited that it’s MINE!

1. Nicole by OPI in The Next CEO – I dipped into the nail polish first. This golden polish dried with a matte finish which I usually like, but this time I put a topcoat on top to seal it, and loved it more!

2. Ayres Body Butter – LOVE THIS STUFF! I decided to make this a purse staple since colder weather always makes my hands super dry. It goes on smooth, and smells amazing.

3. Noyah Lipstick Deeply in Mauve – The perfect brick shade for fall! After trying it on, it stayed on all day and the best part is this shade looks good on all skin tones!

4. Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser – I tried this cleanser and I have no opinion on it one way or the other. It didn’t dry out my skin.. however I can say it takes time to really see the the effects of skincare.

5. Skone Cosmetics Tattooed Eyeliner – Honestly, I will try any liquid liner to search for the best. When I use it, I want clear, crisp lines. This particular one is great on the first eye, but not so much on the next. I have to replace the cap and shake it for it to continue to be as bold.

Overall, I’m so glad I signed up. If I could review beauty products for a living, I’d die a happy woman.

xoxo Kim.

Love… The Pumpkin Patch


Oh, how I love Autumn. I’ve always been a self-proclaimed summer girl but this year there is something very beautiful about Autumn. I’m enjoying the weather more than I ever have (minus the rain) and I’m able to see so many things that inspire me to embrace this season.

I spent last Sunday of a much needed long weekend at a pumpkin patch about 45 minutes from home in rural Maryland. Believe it or not, it was my first time!


DSC_0132 DSC_0065 DSC_0095

I left wanting a pet chicken and motivated to make some sort of squash gratin this week.

xoxo Kim.

TV Treasure


Have you ever been watching TV and flipping through the guide to notice an old movie that you LOVE pop up? I live for that moment. Granted, we live in the world where you can buy or purchase any movie you want at any time, but there’s nothing like stumbling across an old favorite without anticipating it.

I’m itching for that to happen. There are so many old movies I love, and I plan to spend this upcoming Sunday devoting my entire day to it. With that said, I’m going to put Crooklyn into the TV universe.

Someone play it for me!




Crooklyn Alfre Woodard © Universal Studios



Paris Fashion Week Favorites


Another Fashion Week is among us! I’ll tell anyone in a heartbeat that I am more into style than fashion, but FW is a great way for me to get inspired about new trends, and gives me an idea about what is going to trickle down into the stores I shop in.

I took a look at some stills from the Chanel, Celine, Chalayan, Vandevost and Emanuel Ungaro shows and compiled a few things that I loved. I also have links below on where to find budget friendly versions of these new trends!

1. Clutches with hand-strap details – I’m really excited about this trend. I love clutches but cupping my hands can make them cramp, and tucking it under my arm is not the most functional. The hand strap makes it perfect! It also compliments the hands as much as it does the outfit, win win! Get the look with a more budget friendly option here.

2. Sexy Sportswear – OBSESSED with this trend! Last year, it was all about mixing designer sweatshirts with pencil skirts and sexy leggings. Now, the trend is going further! Designer sweatpants and skirts are great for pairing. I even purchased a pair of cheap quilted sweats from Rainbow last Saturday and lived in them on Sunday. Click here for a budget friendly sweatshirt that would be worthy of any event!

 3. Grid Patterns – I am not fan of plaid, and fall and winter are the season for gingham shirts paired with sweaters or worn on their own. Grid patterns are an excellent way for me to benefit from the print, but not feel like a lumberjack. Take a look at this adorable skirt set!

4. Colorful Pencil Skirts – Pencil Skirts are like a classic mens shirt. They are here to stay (thank god!) But choosing a print that needs nothing but a chic, solid top is amazing to take any look to the next level. I’m all for trying colors, but certain palletes make me more comfortable to bring brights into fall. I like jewel tones. Aubergines, Emeralds and Sapphires. This skirt encompasses all of that.

5. Modern Cuts – Where do I begin with my love for abstract cuts of clothing. They are cool to look at, hide problem areas and instantly set you apart from the crowd! I love the way pieces like this look fresh off the runway. I found this wrap coat that embodies that cool girl vibe with effortless style.

6. Sheer Details – I’m all about sheer clothing, but it’s difficult to transition it into cold weather. Also, since I am inching toward 30, I’m nervous to purchase sheer clothing! This dress however, keeps you covered without sacrificing sex appeal. Paired with tall boots, it’s a winner!

What trends are you excited about?