Twork Out!

I’m about 3 weeks from VERY exciting vacation surprise and want to hit the gym hard to enjoy summer days and nights. In order to make my (and possibly your) workouts more fun, enjoy this Twork Out Mix!

xoxo Kim.

P.S. Thank you to my talented DJ for the mix!

Weekend Beauty Buys


I’m going to spare the apologies for not blogging in so long, by now you should know how I roll! In lieu of blogging, I have been scoring some fantastic beauty buys.

La Mer THE POWDER – After binge watching some of my favorite YouTube beauty channels, I kept hearing about this powder that provided a truly flawless finish. I’ve heard it all before, but since I was opting not to use powder due to others I have purchased being a bit chalky, I went for it. Trust me, IT’S EVERYTHING IT SAYS IT IS.

Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Endless Blue – This was actually a gift and it is a powerful shade of Cobalt that looked amazing on my fingers and toes.

Creme of Nature Perfect Edges – My hairstylist uses this on my edges when she finishes my hair, and it lays down EVERY stray hair. It is a heavy product, so I wouldn’t recommend using it every day, but for nights out when humidity rears it’s ugly head this gel has your back.

Β MAC #217 Blending Brush – I’m not sure why I didn’t have one of these. I had been blending with my #224 which is more oval/dome shaped, but the bristles were too soft to really blend contrasting colors. I’ve been using this every day now, even for blending concealer!

Blossom Eyebrow Brush – I have no link for this brush because I picked it up in the 99 cent section of my local beauty supply store. I’ve been using it to clean up my brows with concealer to hide any stray hairs. It’s amazing!

Any beauty recommendations?

xoxo Kim.

Blog Love

So…I came across something amazing while reading Better Homes and Gardens on the train today (Yes, I read that!) and noticed they had a Blogger Awards recently. I am always looking for new blogs to explore, so I’m so happy I came across these! Take a look.

f1401be9048cc767f8b241b0dc1e2583Bathroom Organization and Lovely Decor per The Inspired Room

il_570xN.564062071_nmatColor Inspiration and an Amazing Etsy Shop with Art I really dig via Pencil Shavings Studio

DIYGeometricBrassandLeatherHangingPlantervintagerevivals.com_All things DIY (So excited because I want to do ALL OF THEM!) via Vintage Revivals

night-2-682x1024More amazing Decor including making outdoor space just as cozy as indoor space with With Heart

a668ec3584e391caeb8ccb77fb1872a8Beauty and celebrating all the small things that make it wonderful including exploring mixing a custom lipstick via The Small Things

floral and leo 3Southern Style via Seersucker and Saddles. I love the mix of prints here!

Afro-Vegan-book-coverGardening and Healthy Eating via A Way to GardenΒ I came across this book on the blog and I am instantly fascinated. I have a desire to go Vegan but struggle with knowing what to make and having flavorful dishes. I may have to pick this up because I love Soul Food!

lemon_grass_tofu_bowls_0008More delicious healthy recipes even with Tofu via Sprouted Kitchen

There are a couple others that are worth checking out as well! Show them some love!

xoxo Kim.

Weekend Beauty Finds


Target was GOOOOOD to me!

This past weekend was a good one in so many ways. Not only did I have a blast as a dancing queen Friday night at a club downtown and use the picnic tables around my condo building to enjoy a romantic grilling session for two, but I also picked up some AMAZING beauty finds!

I went to Target on a whim (because who needs a reason to go to Target?) and decided to pick up beauty items instead of my usual home supplies and magazines. I was thrilled to see a new beauty section with supreme lighting and more organized selection. I was enticed!

Sonia Kashuk Foundation Stick in Caramel – I’ve been looking for a new foundation. I love my MAC Matchmaster foundation, but I find it’s not the best for my workday. I tend to touch my face from time to time and I don’t have much time in the morning to blend liquid makeup. The end result tends to be me using the foundation to cover certain areas, a face beat to the gods for a workday, or an example lackluster blending. This stick is easy to apply and after a few taps of a blending sponge, and a bit of powder, I’m ready to go!

Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Translucent Illuminator – I have fantastic highlighters, but I was looking for something I could smooth onto my entire face to make me “glow.” Truth be told, I haven’t been to happy with the way my skin has been looking lately and I wanted a pick me up. This illuminator, is not very easy to rub in, but feels great on my skin and instantly makes me look more alive.

Carol’s Daughter Acai Clarifying Exfoliating Toner – After noticing a few blemishes, I realized I may not be getting all the dirt off my face even with my cleansing brush. I decided to purchase a toner that could help eliminate any leftover dirt from my skin and being a fan of Carol’s Daughter hair and body care products, this seemed like a no brainer! I love the woodsy smell of this product and it does remove all dirt from my face and neck.

NYX Matte Lipstick in Forbidden – Gorgeous peachy-neutral shade that I can wear with anything. Next purchase is a complimenting gloss to accompany it. It looks great on my skin tone!

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Polish in Nude Now – Beautiful natural shade that took about 4 coats to get to it’s true shade.

Pond’s Dry Skin Cream – The BEST moisturizer out there! I slather it on before bed, and my skin is so hydrated in the morning. I love it! It’s not greasy, but gives the perfect amount of moisture to my thirsty skin.

Any beauty finds you suggest I try?

xoxo Kim.

Hot Links

In my daily internet browsing, I’ve come across a few things that have tickled my fancy.


xoxo Kim.

1. 7 Things I’ve learned from a Year without Alcohol

I’ve been wanting to take some time off alcohol for the longest time, but find it hard to resist a nice glass of wine or cocktail when out for the night! This article is AMAZING and gives me a little push.

2. Best Mocktails Ever

And since we are going down this road…recipes for mocktails!

3. A Twist on the Disney Princess

I love this!

4. 20th Anniversary of Crooklyn

A then and now featuring the cast. Still and always will be one of my favorite childhood movies.

5. Duke’s Grocery

After a glowing recommendation, I’ve been dying to try this place. The menu is based on what is fresh and in season so it’s never the same! Maybe this weekend?

6. HM Tropical Bird Pillows

Perhaps I should switch the pillows in the living room to reflect the season? This along with a couple others make me instantly thing summer, beach and fun in the sun.

7. No more Daily Candy?

Ok granted, I didn’t check this site everyday, but It was great to browse during down time. ughhhh!!

8. Rules for Budgeting

I need this.

9. Tips to becoming “Internet Famous”

Couldn’t hurt right?

10. Hand Bracelets or “Handlets”

One of my good friends wore one of these last weekend and it was adorable! I have huge hands so things like this don’t usually fit on me but I love the look!

Monday Playlist

I am going to flip the script on the dreaded Monday. Monday is now a beacon for me. It’s the day I..

1. Begin drinking tons of water again after a weekend of brunches, cocktails and dessert.

2. Look forward to weekly workouts

3. Start fresh with new motivation to give my career

4. Plan dinner menus

5. Browse online shopping, put things in my cart and not buy them..LOL!

Enjoy the playlist! Thanks again to Candy B for putting these together for me!