TV Treasure


Have you ever been watching TV and flipping through the guide to notice an old movie that you LOVE pop up? I live for that moment. Granted, we live in the world where you can buy or purchase any movie you want at any time, but there’s nothing like stumbling across an old favorite without anticipating it.

I’m itching for that to happen. There are so many old movies I love, and I plan to spend this upcoming Sunday devoting my entire day to it. With that said, I’m going to put Crooklyn into the TV universe.

Someone play it for me!




Crooklyn Alfre Woodard © Universal Studios



Paris Fashion Week Favorites


Another Fashion Week is among us! I’ll tell anyone in a heartbeat that I am more into style than fashion, but FW is a great way for me to get inspired about new trends, and gives me an idea about what is going to trickle down into the stores I shop in.

I took a look at some stills from the Chanel, Celine, Chalayan, Vandevost and Emanuel Ungaro shows and compiled a few things that I loved. I also have links below on where to find budget friendly versions of these new trends!

1. Clutches with hand-strap details – I’m really excited about this trend. I love clutches but cupping my hands can make them cramp, and tucking it under my arm is not the most functional. The hand strap makes it perfect! It also compliments the hands as much as it does the outfit, win win! Get the look with a more budget friendly option here.

2. Sexy Sportswear – OBSESSED with this trend! Last year, it was all about mixing designer sweatshirts with pencil skirts and sexy leggings. Now, the trend is going further! Designer sweatpants and skirts are great for pairing. I even purchased a pair of cheap quilted sweats from Rainbow last Saturday and lived in them on Sunday. Click here for a budget friendly sweatshirt that would be worthy of any event!

 3. Grid Patterns – I am not fan of plaid, and fall and winter are the season for gingham shirts paired with sweaters or worn on their own. Grid patterns are an excellent way for me to benefit from the print, but not feel like a lumberjack. Take a look at this adorable skirt set!

4. Colorful Pencil Skirts – Pencil Skirts are like a classic mens shirt. They are here to stay (thank god!) But choosing a print that needs nothing but a chic, solid top is amazing to take any look to the next level. I’m all for trying colors, but certain palletes make me more comfortable to bring brights into fall. I like jewel tones. Aubergines, Emeralds and Sapphires. This skirt encompasses all of that.

5. Modern Cuts – Where do I begin with my love for abstract cuts of clothing. They are cool to look at, hide problem areas and instantly set you apart from the crowd! I love the way pieces like this look fresh off the runway. I found this wrap coat that embodies that cool girl vibe with effortless style.

6. Sheer Details – I’m all about sheer clothing, but it’s difficult to transition it into cold weather. Also, since I am inching toward 30, I’m nervous to purchase sheer clothing! This dress however, keeps you covered without sacrificing sex appeal. Paired with tall boots, it’s a winner!

What trends are you excited about?

Love..Love & Hip Hop


I know I’ve been gone! I had to take a blogging hiatus because I was too busy enjoying the summer and not wanting to take photos. This summer has been life altering and I have enjoyed every moment of it.

I’ll fill you all in with upcoming posts, but I have to share about my recent obsession and guilty pleasure. LOVE AND HIP HOP. Love and Hip Hop is a twist to the classic soap opera that airs on VH1 Monday nights, and I have to say, it’s so bad it’s good.

I’ve been following the series for a while and as the plots get more and more staged, it makes me appreciate it a bit more as the alternative soap opera of our time.

Anywho, for anyone else out there that appreciates this show as much as I do, please enjoy this playlist devoted to the participants of this show and remember why they are on to begin with!!

xoxo Kim.

Twork Out!

I’m about 3 weeks from VERY exciting vacation surprise and want to hit the gym hard to enjoy summer days and nights. In order to make my (and possibly your) workouts more fun, enjoy this Twork Out Mix!

xoxo Kim.

P.S. Thank you to my talented DJ for the mix!

Weekend Beauty Buys


I’m going to spare the apologies for not blogging in so long, by now you should know how I roll! In lieu of blogging, I have been scoring some fantastic beauty buys.

La Mer THE POWDER – After binge watching some of my favorite YouTube beauty channels, I kept hearing about this powder that provided a truly flawless finish. I’ve heard it all before, but since I was opting not to use powder due to others I have purchased being a bit chalky, I went for it. Trust me, IT’S EVERYTHING IT SAYS IT IS.

Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Endless Blue – This was actually a gift and it is a powerful shade of Cobalt that looked amazing on my fingers and toes.

Creme of Nature Perfect Edges – My hairstylist uses this on my edges when she finishes my hair, and it lays down EVERY stray hair. It is a heavy product, so I wouldn’t recommend using it every day, but for nights out when humidity rears it’s ugly head this gel has your back.

 MAC #217 Blending Brush – I’m not sure why I didn’t have one of these. I had been blending with my #224 which is more oval/dome shaped, but the bristles were too soft to really blend contrasting colors. I’ve been using this every day now, even for blending concealer!

Blossom Eyebrow Brush – I have no link for this brush because I picked it up in the 99 cent section of my local beauty supply store. I’ve been using it to clean up my brows with concealer to hide any stray hairs. It’s amazing!

Any beauty recommendations?

xoxo Kim.

Blog Love

So…I came across something amazing while reading Better Homes and Gardens on the train today (Yes, I read that!) and noticed they had a Blogger Awards recently. I am always looking for new blogs to explore, so I’m so happy I came across these! Take a look.

f1401be9048cc767f8b241b0dc1e2583Bathroom Organization and Lovely Decor per The Inspired Room

il_570xN.564062071_nmatColor Inspiration and an Amazing Etsy Shop with Art I really dig via Pencil Shavings Studio

DIYGeometricBrassandLeatherHangingPlantervintagerevivals.com_All things DIY (So excited because I want to do ALL OF THEM!) via Vintage Revivals

night-2-682x1024More amazing Decor including making outdoor space just as cozy as indoor space with With Heart

a668ec3584e391caeb8ccb77fb1872a8Beauty and celebrating all the small things that make it wonderful including exploring mixing a custom lipstick via The Small Things

floral and leo 3Southern Style via Seersucker and Saddles. I love the mix of prints here!

Afro-Vegan-book-coverGardening and Healthy Eating via A Way to Garden I came across this book on the blog and I am instantly fascinated. I have a desire to go Vegan but struggle with knowing what to make and having flavorful dishes. I may have to pick this up because I love Soul Food!

lemon_grass_tofu_bowls_0008More delicious healthy recipes even with Tofu via Sprouted Kitchen

There are a couple others that are worth checking out as well! Show them some love!

xoxo Kim.